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Sarah Chew: My Results with Sarah’s Solo Ads

First of all, I am not an affiliate of Sarah Chew.

Just wanted to make that clear.

This post IS all about Sarah’s traffic and my first solo ad run with Sarah.

Really? Solo-ads?

Yes, really!

I love solo ads, when you have the right provider…and Sarah Chew, without a doubt is one of those “right providers.”

Now, to set things straight, I was using a company capture page (which I usually don’t do).

With that said, I would have liked the optin rate to be a tad better, but to be honest, I was quite content with what transpired.

So, what did transpire?

Clicks! and a LOT of them!

I purchased 100 clicks from Sarah and she ended up delivering around 150!

From that I received somewhere in the neighborhood of about 55 optins, just over 33%.

Not bad.

But I also got a sale!


Ultimately, I found Sarah to be a great provider of Tier 1 traffic and responsive traffic.

I have used other providers in the past and so far, I can say without a doubt, that Sarah Chew has been one of the best, if not the best, out there.

All traffic was delivered when specified and I just can’t really find anything I did not like about this traffic.

You Still Have to Follow up!

Sarah Chew and her solo ad traffic is just one of the many locations that I generate traffic from, but the main thing with all of that is this…

…the money is STILL in the follow up.

A solo ad provider, like Sarah Chew, can often times drive high-quality, targeted traffic and that is awesome!

Especially when you are getting those notifications at lunch with other people wondering why your phone is beeping so often.

However, you still have to perform the follow up.

Many do this with their auto-responders, which is fine, but I like a more personal appeal, so I use videos and I send a direct “welcome” page link to my prospects.

It’s always good to start that process of serving others and helping people get their bearings within a new program.

But what about solo ads for other products?

I cannot comment on using solo ads for products or affiliate programs, but perhaps that will be my next “test.”

As for Sarah Chew, I will undoubtedly use her services again.

Thanks Sarah.

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