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Podcast: Traffic Generation: Focus on Solo Ads


Traffic is the one thing that we all need whether we are promoting an online opportunity or a shopify store.

So where do you get quality traffic?

There are many places, but one of the most consistent, well targeted and better traffic sources that I have used for the last few years is through solo ad providers.

Yes, I know, solo ads do have a dubious reputation and I have even harshly criticized solo ads in the past.


…IF you have good sources with good and fresh lists of people looking for your products you can find them with solo ads.

So why the change of heart about Solo Ads?

For yeas I was appalled by the deceitfulness of those working within the solo ad industry.

Back in the day, you would get bot traffic, traffic that was not targeted, traffic that came from 3rd world countries with very little disposable capital to spend and traffic that just wasn’t very good at all.

In this podcast, I discuss all of the above factors and also talk about a good place to go to find reputable solo ad providers…providers with results!

See you at the top!

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