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Podcast: Delivering Value

If there were one rule that all entrepreneurs should follow, it would be a rule based on providing as much value to customers and clients as possible.

We all hear how we need to create valuable content, but so few truly focus on creating that value in the first place.

We make video after video after video, we create podcasts or blog posts or write articles…all in the name of creating content, but much of the time motivated by the opportunity to place a link to our sales page in order to make more money.

We should probably start thinking about creating the most valuable, problem solving, solution filled content that we possibly can and stop worrying about the bottom line.

In this podcast I discuss becoming more value driven and providing as much value to our customers and clients as possible.

There is no doubt in my mind, that by creating value and solving our customer’s problems is the path that will lead to that by-product called money.

See you at the top!

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