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Podcast: Are you a Slave to Your Job?

The invisible bonds of your corporate master

In this podcast, I discuss the question as to whether or not you and others, are a slave to your job.

Obviously, we are not talking about the slavery of the 19th century and earlier in this country, but something seemingly less ruthless and inhumane. A type of volunteer servitude.

Why do I suggest volunteer?

It’s a bit of a stretch perhaps, but bear with me.

I am not saying that there is anyone out there that is forcing you to work for them and certainly without pay.

What I AM telling you is that you have made choices in your life in an effort to rationalize being away from family, away from the things that inspire you, that you are passionate about so you can work at a job or build a career that you may not be fully happy with in order to buy stuff you don’t really need.

And let’s say that you can afford all of the toys and shiny cars and big houses, I ask you one fundamental question:

Are you happy?

As we move through the 21st century, many people are starting to question or at least redefine what success is.

We are tired of building a life around the stress and dissatisfaction of consumerism.

Many realize that they can do much more with less and have a lot more satisfaction with their lives when they are debt free and are able to allocate funds towards enriching their lives and the lives of their family by living an alternate type of lifestyle.

I am not saying that we all need to escape the corporate world in search of some hippie haven.

What I am suggesting is that maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what it is that brings joy to your life and then find a way to keep that joy coming on a more consistent basis.

Maybe, just maybe, you could exchange a world of stress and frustration with a world of peace and happiness for yourself and your loved ones.

In my humble opinion, life isn’t about the accumulation of things and while we are working ourselves to the bones and enslaving ourselves to our jobs through the accumulation of debt, we may be missing out on something quite a bit bigger.

Hope you like the podcast.

By the way, the link to Gary Vaynerchuk’s video (as mentioned in the podcast) is HERE!

See you at the top!

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