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Podcast: 3 Steps to Online Income

Is Online Income Generation Really that Simple?

I hear it all of the time; is online income generation hard or easy?

It’s a weird question.


Primarily because I am assuming that the person asking such a question is in the first place, looking to accomplish a goal or a dream.

Whether or not online income generation is hard or easy doesn’t seem to matter to me.

The real question should be, What are YOUR dreams worth?

What are YOUR Dreams Worth?

Are they worth the time and money that you will put into them?

They worth off the TV on weeknights?

What about missing the big game?

They are YOUR dreams, not mine.

As far as I am concerned, it doesn’t matter if a goal is easy to accomplish or difficult to accomplish.

Thankfully, generating an income online is NOT difficult and to me is even somewhat easy.

But the “easy” part is also a perspective.

Easy Online Income Generation

Most of my adult life I have been in the plumbing industry and while I make a good income, it’s NOT easy.

When I come online and say…write a blog post or create a podcast episode, I would say that is quite easy.

Over the years, I have been standing on my soap box and preaching the gospel about how all you need to accomplish online success is your implementation of 3 steps.

I’ve written about it in eBooks, promoted this idea on several videos and podcasts and even talk about it face to face with prospects or anyone that will listen.

Obviously, I believe online income generation is fairly easy to accomplish.

But I have to admit, riding a bike is an easy task, but if you have never ridden before, it may be a bit of a daunting proposition for you to start riding.

Yes, there are things to learn and skills to develop, but what are YOUR dreams worth?

Nothing I show and teach people about making money online is really that difficult, yet some decide it isn’t worth it.

I would say that has more to do with their lack of faith in themselves and a lack of desire to see their dreams come true.

I this episode, once again, I talk about the 3 steps to online income generation.

And make sure that you stay posted to this blog and my YouTube channel because I am about to launch a new eBook breaking everything down.

And, as always, it will be free!

My YouTube channel, for those of you that have not subscribed, is: http://youtube.com/elitemarketingsystem

Hope you like the podcast.

See you at the top!

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