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In this podcast, I ask the question if a franchise is a good way to achieve business ownership.

While franchises seem to be a good idea, I decided to do a little research (about 10 minutes) and the one thing that jumped out at me from every page that I pulled up was the cost of entering the franchise opportunity.

are franchises the answer

No matter what the franchise was, I found that almost all of them required tens of thousands of dollars JUST TO GET STARTED!

No guarantee of success, just an opportunity to join the company.

are franchises the answer

I know there are thousands of people out there that are looking for an opportunity and a franchise may be a way for some of them, but I’m pretty sure that most people are living paycheck to paycheck and don’t have this sort of money.

Hope you enjoy the podcast. If you’d like to watch the video, click HERE

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I just don’t get it.

People all day long will complain about their jobs, about the traffic, about the bills they have to pay…

…in general, people will complain about their crappy lives.

But when offered an opportunity to change that all, to do something that has the potential to radically change their lives for the better…well…these same folks will often walk away or they will rationalize away their dreams of doing something different.


In this podcast I ask this very question.

Why do people complain about their station in life, but when shown a way out…they opt out?

Hope you like the podcast. See you at the top!

comfort zone


I’ve decided to give you a little glimpse into what it is that we are working on.

So, in this post I’m just going to show you the exact video that I have made for one of the sections of my class/course guide.

I’ll then sort of explain exactly how this video fits into the class and what you should be able to expect when someone comes into the training program.

So…here’s the video!

OK, so for the explanation…

The Internet marketing course that I am designing focuses on the simplicity of generating an income online and is basically designed for people that are:

  • Frustrated with never making money online with their current or previous companies
  • Those new to Internet marketing or an online business opportunity
  • Folks that are tired of all of the complicated methods of generating traffic or marketing their programs
  • Anyone that is sick and tired of spending more money than they have to keep their current business afloat
  • Anyone that is sick and tired of spending too much money on simple tools for online business

With that said, the above video is a small sample of what I have been and am teaching people new to the online world.

The topics that I will cover in my upcoming course will be:

  • 3 steps to online marketing
  • Setting up a sales system
  • Creating content/videos for your system (it’s easy)
  • Generating traffic (also easy when you know how)
  • Finding your targeted market (MOST important step!)

We will also be putting a lot of effort into our Facebook group and our team membership site in order to provide our prospects and team members with up-to-date and consistent help and support.

Let us know what you think by subscribing to our YouTube channel or leaving a comment here!

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In Pursuit of a Nomadic Lifestyle

Nomadic Lifestyle as a Goal

nomadic lifestyle

Photo by Blake Wisz

I talk about goal setting a lot and one of the goals that I have been pondering as of late is being able to pursue a more nomadic lifestyle.

Yes, it’s true…I’m a little crazy, but hear me out.

When we are online working our asses off to generate incomes and whatever else the good folks around here do, one of the big draws for me has always been to be able to just pick it all up and travel.

And I am not just referring to a Christmas in Paris, but something quite a bit more subtle.

I am interested in living a nomadic lifestyle permanently…well, at least semi-permanently.

Why a Nomad?

For me, there is nothing better than the idea, and I know this is a fanciful romantic idea, of hitting the road and staying on the road indefinitely.

While this may sound a bit crazy, as already stated above, I have been putting some serious thought behind it and watching tons of videos on YouTube of people living in this fashion.

You see, a few weeks ago I was teasing my oldest daughter about building my own trailer/RV and leaving the “madness” behind.

I love irritating my kids, one of the perks of being a “cool” dad.

Anyway, while I was joking about the whole nomadic lifestyle thing, in the back of my mind I really thought that this idea was a bit intriguing.

What happened next, really sort of blew my mind.

I’m Not Alone when it comes to a Nomadic Life

nomadic lifestyleI decided that I would do a little research…no way, not me!…and I ended up finding that there were many people living the life of a nomad right now.

I came across a few blogs and YouTube channels. After viewing just a couple of videos, I started to believe that this goal of mine might not be so crazy after all.

As a matter of fact, it seemed like it could be an extraordinary way of living.

I started to make a list of all of the things that I would need to do, as well as all of the “things” I would need to get rid of, to make this impulsive idea more of a realistic opportunity.

I realized that the more I thought about and researched this nomadic life, the more I thought that it would be possible for me to jump into the nomad world.

I also realized that this could be a big step for me in terms of being able to “live” life rather than doing the traditional 9-5 rat race.

You see, I’m all about freedom. Freedom from the restrictive behaviors and culture that I have grown up in included.

Like just about everyone out there, I was sold a bill of goods that I needed to go to school, get a good job, get married, have some kids, blah, blah, blah. I just do not want to take part in that any longer!

If I could just get, or build, a nice travel trailer, I could hit the road and with that bold and unconventional move life could be good.

But nothing is easy for a nomad (wink)…and nothing is really free either!

You Have to Pay for Freedom

As mentioned above, I have given a lot of thought about what I would really need on the road as well as considered the obvious question of how to pay for it all.

For me, the obvious answer was to create an income online. All I really need is an Internet connection, a laptop and a phone

I have been promoting and marketing different business opportunities online for many years now, but I had a problem with many of them. I always seemed to be able to generate some sort of income, but people I brought into business with me seemed to struggle a bit more.

In the end, I just decided to start my own training site and attach a program that I knew worked and worked well. This would allow me to focus on what I really like to do, which is teach others how this Internet income generation thing works.

Thus, began the marriage of the Elite Marketing Systems Group and the All in One Profits program.

So, the nomadic lifestyle that I am thinking about pursuing seems within grasp!

Step-by-Step to Accomplishing Your Goals

While I may be referring quite a bit to this nomadic life concept, tt doesn’t matter what your personal goals are, as long as they are within the world of reality, you can accomplish them.

nomadic lifeIt has been my experience that the best way to accomplish those goals is to work towards them incrementally, that is a step-by-step process.

Break down your own goals, start where you want to be, work backwards and develop your map.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your goal has ever been accomplished by anyone else.

If so, then you may want to study what that person did to arrive at their (and your) goal and then mimic what steps they took; don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

A Clear Path and Consistency

Whether it’s to leave that job you hate or hit the road developing some sort of nomadic life for yourself, make sure that you are clear on what it is that you want.

After that, it’s about being disciplined and consistent enough with your efforts each step of the way.

The only way to fail, in anything you pursue in this life, is to quit. Don’t quit, keep fighting the good fight and…maybe most importantly…enjoy the journey.

See you at the top!


Making a Commitment to Success

commitment to successCommitment to Success vs. A Decision for Success

What’s the difference between a commitment to success and a decision to succeed?

There are 3 frogs sitting on a log and two decide to jump in the pond, how many frogs are left on the log?

Answer: 3, two decided to jump, but didn’t commit to jumping in the pond and didn’t take the necessary action to do so.

I often use this analogy to describe the state that many marketers are in when talking about success.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me, “I’ve decided to go for it Mark! I’m really excited!”

Well, that’s awesome and all, but the truth of the matter is no matter what someone tells me, I want to see action behind the words.

Of course, it’s their life, not mine so I’m not going to be critical at all…at least I’m not going to be critical until that same person comes to me and asks why they aren’t finding the success that they expected.

And my response is always the same, There are 3 frogs on a log… You get the picture.

Making a decision to do something in your life, whether it be setting the world on fire in your latest network marketing program or deciding to build a blog about camping is terrific…and a great first step, but there are MANY more steps afterwards that a person will have to take before seeing any results.

So what does a commitment look like?

First, let’s define it so we are all on the same sheet of music.

Definition of commitment 

1a : an agreement or pledge to do something in the future

b : something pledged

c : the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled

The above definitions are from the Mariam-Webster site and even these are a little weak.

A commitment is so much more than a decision. A commitment requires dedication to your cause, but also dedication of action.

If you are not taking any action towards a worthwhile goal then you are still toying with the idea.

If, on the other hand, you have taken at least some initial steps in joining a program, studying the business opportunity, writing a blog post, etc. you have shown that you are willing to take the time to move forward in your endeavor.

Remember, this is YOUR life and whether you realize it or not, you ARE working on a dream. The question you have to ask yourself is this: Are you working on YOUR dream?

Only setting a worthwhile goal and then pursuing that goal with all of your efforts will you ever comes close to achieving it.

Until then, you are still in the “deciding” stage, testing the waters with your toes.

When you commit, you won’t jump into the waters of uncertainty, but rather dive in head first, learning to swim along the way.

If you truly want to become successful, either online or in the brick and mortar world, the time for deciding is over. Jump in with both feet, go to the deep end and give it your all.

Yes, it may not always work out, but learn from your mistakes, your failures. Get back up, dust yourself off and go again with your new found knowledge and experience.

Making a commitment for success is the starting point for all great achievements.


This video shows how I use the keyword planner to find strong keywords that receive a ton of searches for massive traffic!

See you at the top!


PODCAST: The Start of Something Big

If you are interested in generating an income online then you aren’t going to be disappointed with this podcast.

I talk about the big changes that the Elite Marketing Systems Group is making to help YOU generate money from the Internet!


Overcoming the Obstacles

overcoming obstaclesFor anyone out there thinking that things get easier for a second once you start to find success online…think again.

News flash:

There will ALWAYS be problems. It’s how you conduct yourself in the face of adversity that makes the difference, positive OR negative.

There just isn’t any way that life and your online business is going to just easily passed through without a single challenge coming your way.

And the good news is that these challenges and “tough” times can actually be a good thing.


Yes, a good thing.

As a business owner, you must embrace the challenges and struggles that come your way…and they will.

One of the things that you will learn right quick as a business owner, is that while you are vigorously working to create new content and develop new products, you are also going to be putting out fires in areas of your business that you never thought about.

If you hire employees, then multiply those fires by a factor of 10!

Seriously, learning how to manage your daily duties as well as learning how to manage the unexpected are all a part of being in business, but…

…once you learn how to juggle the expected along with the unexpected you will not only grow as an individual, but your business, and your wallet, will grow as well.

Best advice, embrace the struggle!

See you at the top!


VIDEO: How to find a targeted audience


How to find a targeted audience for free

targeted audience

Click the image to watch the video

Finding a Targeted Audience is Vital to Your Online Success

As the heading above would suggest, finding that targeted audience that you can provide content for is a vital first step for your success in the Internet Marketing world.

Many people come online thinking that if they have a good or even a great product, that is all that they will need.

This is far from the truth. While you may have a substantial market, targeting an audience is one of the best indicators of whether or not you will even have a chance for success.

How well you target prospects will determine how “easy” it will be for you to generate income immediately or not.

Finding a Targeted Audience is Simple

While finding your audience may sound difficult, it really isn’t.

There are so many tools out there today that just about anyone with a little sense can figure this one out.

One of my favorite places to find that targeted audience is on Facebook.

Most people online will have a Facebook account and therefore, access to thousands, if not more, individuals looking for opportunities or ways to solve problems that they are having trying to market and promote their products or opportunities.

And accessing that information is quite easy.

All that is needed is for you to go to your Facebook search bar and type in a term or an author or a business model.

For example, if I want to look for people that are interested in affiliate marketing, I simply type in affiliate marketing in the search bar.

This will provide me with groups and pages covering this topic.

The great thing is, that much of the time I can find out who likes these pages or who is in these groups.

This gives me the opportunity to find an almost unlimited supply of prospects to make a simple pitch to.

Since most people online that are in these groups are NOT succeeding (ask me  later how I know this) then it is often simple for you to simply message those folks directly letting them know, for example, that you have free training that will show them how to recruit…no strings attached.

I utilize this method because I firmly believe that if we give enough good information and content to those in need, that they will gravitate towards our sites, channels and pages to find out more information that will help them solve their problems online.

Don’t Forget Your Keyword Research

Prior to signing up to any business opportunity or getting involved with an affiliate program, you are going to want to check the keywords and phrases surrounding that program or opportunity.

Utilizing the Google Keyword Planner will allow you to find out what people are searching for on Google and will even suggest additional key phrases that you can then create content around…as long as there are enough people searching.

The search results typically are for the month.

Once you find some juicy key phrases that many people are typing into the Google search engine, you should be able to get an idea of what people are looking for.

Once you have this information then it is simply a matter of creating content utilizing the key phrase. When people start searching that term, the object of the game is for you to have content out there that they will find.

It’s all about figuring out what your BEST prospect needs and then fulfilling that need with the very information that they are looking for.

Yes, this sounds very easy, but there are some additional steps that you will want to take to make sure that your content will be viewed in the first place.

To sum it all up, you want to make sure that you are completing this search for a targeted audience before you do anything else.

Minutes spent researching good keywords and key phrases will save you hours in the long run.

See you at the top!