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Morning Routine for Success|Podcast

morning routine

One of the things that I started doing a while back that really helped me become more focused and productive was to create a morning routine.

I understand that a lot of people have a routine, but how many are really being mindful and focused on their needs rather than some rote actions that lead us from the house, to work and then back home again?

You know, the rat race routine?

Creating the Routine

I’m not talking about the motions you go through in order to get out of the house to your job.

Nor am I talking about the requirement to get out and do some extreme form of Yoga.

What I am talking about here is setting up a routine to set up your day, your week and so on, being mindful of the path that you are walking to achieve your goals.

We are no longer going to go through the motions of the inevitable daily job grind

Rather, I am talking about a specific routine that you create for you!

Getting up early

There are many benefits to waking up early.

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Jocko Willink gets up every morning at 4:30 a.m.


In his own words, ” That’s what you do. Impose discipline on your life. That’s the way it works.”

And it is true! Setting a time like 4:30 am requires you to get out of bed, often times when you do not feel like it.

More importantly, getting up early gives you “extra” time to plan out your day, exercise or simply collect your thoughts before anyone else is stirring around.

Getting up early and doing the other tasks that require self-discipline are things that you do because you choose to do them and you commit to that choice.

You set yourself apart from the crowd, from the rat race by making the simple decision to get up.

Setting the Tone with your Morning Routine

Getting up in the morning is just one way to start a process and habit of positive programming.

In those early morning hours, you can make time to read a good book, write, create a daily vlog or blog post, exercise, meditate.

The key here is that you are controlling the moments with these simple actions.

You can watch motivational videos on success.

You can learn a new tactic or strategy for your business.

Most importantly, you can set the tone for the day.

Rather than dread the morning that often times takes you from the home to a less than positive work environment, you now can set a tone for success and inspiration.

Now you can “attack” the day. You can make plans to achieve your goals and execute some of those plans.

It’s not about being some “morning person,” but rather about directing your activities that are more meaningful and proactive.

Most people will stay in bed and their lifestyle will not change a bit.

Becoming a more disciplined person will set your life down a path towards success and achievement.

Getting out of the bed before most people will set you apart.

Write Out and Review Your Goals

As a part of your routine, you should write out your goals and review those goals on a daily basis.

The quiet morning hours is a perfect time to do just that.

Set your agenda, make a list that will help you organize your time and provide you with the “extra” time you need to accomplish business related tasks.

Make this a habit!

People that are driven to succeed often times do the things that most people will not do.

Writing out your daily goals will assist you in that process.

Look at yesterday’s goals and see if you completed them.

Critique your efforts, where could you improve? What needs to change?

Visualize the Day as a part of your Morning Routine

How do you want your day to go?

Visualize the day ahead of you. See yourself accomplishing a task or goal. See yourself walking down the path of success.

Visualize yourself accomplishing your goals of the day.

These can be small goals…little things that when put together form a definite direction towards those dreams.

Getting up early and creating a morning routine isn’t magic, nor will it alone make you a successful person.

But by getting up early, exercising, setting goals, visualizing those goals being accomplished will go a long way in creating a mindset for success.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

I’ll see you at the top!

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