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Building a Simple and Profitable Online Business

Building an Online Business

For most people looking to get online and starting a business there are many potential thoughts that could go through anyone’s head.

What do I need to know?

How hard is it to learn the Internet?

Do I have to sell something?

What about scams? Aren’t there a lot of scams out there online?

Do I need to be a computer expert?

Am I too old to do this?

Am I too young?

etc., etc., etc.

I could go on and on, but in reality there are only a few “real” tasks or skills that anyone needs to learn to be successful online.

What are they?

3 Steps that Everyone Must Know

There are really only three steps that people must learn to be able to find success online.

Now I know that we all have our own versions of success so let me spell out what that definition is for me.

First, my definition of online success doesn’t necessarily have to do with money, although I will admit that generating a profit and being able to work full-time online has always been my goal.

Since I am always looking for freedom, it is probably better that I define that first.

To me, freedom means that I have enough money to live the lifestyle of my choosing and I have the time to in fact live that lifestyle as well.

So for me, time and money freedom are a big part of how I define my success.

You see, I want to be able to do what I want to do when I want to do it and not have to follow someone else’s drum beat.

If I can achieve that sort of independence, both financially and with regards to time then I feel I have been very successful.

Oh, I also LOVE what I do and while I don’t necessarily think you have to have a “passion” for what you do, I do think that you need to at least enjoy it or enjoy the fruits of your labor so much that the grind and the hustle are all worth the effort.

Now, back to the three steps that you must know.

Step 1 – You must have  a business, service or program that you are promoting and that you can monetize.

Step 2 – You must design a system, typically a sales funnel, for your product.

Step 3 – You must promote your system and/or funnel

That’s it.

You can find many other marketers out there that will tell you that this is an over simplification of the process, and to an extent that is true, but keeping things simple will allow you to immediately start to generate an income.

As far as the oversimplification, well, yes there are elements within each of these steps that you must learn, but it isn’t rocket science.

Even better? I teach everyone how to do exactly what I do and provide the tools and the training that will allow you to do it. If you are interested in that, I’ll leave a link to a video that will describe the whole process.

For now, let’s go through the 3 Steps I mentioned above.

Step 1 – The Product

Of course, you must have a product to sell.

This can be a business opportunity, a program, a tangible product that you may sell on an e-commerce site or a service.

Basically, you need something that will appeal to an audience that this audience will pay for.

You may want to create a training course for some specific hobby or job.

You may want to make a craft item or some other tangible item and sell it online.

You may provide a business service that you could monetize.

Ultimately, the only thing matters is if there is an audience that is looking for what you have to offer and will they pull out their wallets and pay for it.

With this site and much of my marketing, I promote a site and a program that provide tools for online marketers.

While I also promote training courses that teach online marketing and advertising techniques, I use these courses as an incentive for people to get involved with my program.

Step 2 – Sales funnel

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last decade or so, you have probably heard the term “sales funnel.”

And a sales funnel is exactly what it sounds like it is, a system that “funnels’ your prospects towards a sales presentation.

Now this is where a lot of people will get a little nervous because they think they are going to have to sell something.

Well, yes you are, but…

…selling online is so much different than what you may imagine when it comes to sales.

First of all, a well developed system will do almost ALL of the selling for you.

As a matter of fact, if you do things correctly and are specific enough, you can let the sales system or funnel do all of the selling for you.

I take a different approach to all of this and prefer that people fill out a questionnaire.

Once filled out, I will then give the person a call and start the process of finding out what they are looking for. If I think my program will fit them, then I will ask them if they are ready to get started.

Very simple, no pressure.


The reason for this is simple.

I run an opportunity that requires that person to duplicate my efforts.

I will provide the training, including training of their prospects, support and even the tools necessary for them to become successful.

If I have to “sell” someone on my program then I will have to sell them next week or next month and I do not have time to waste, either mine or yours.

So, I do not sell people.

What I do is find or attract people that are already looking for what I have.

Once I do this, is it really that hard to convince them to sign up to something they were already looking for in the first place?

Of course, it isn’t.

That is why the funnel is so imperative. You must have a system that educates, explains and persuades all in one.

Step 3 – Advertising

This step seems to be a no-brainer

You have to get your information out there to those that are looking for it.

If you do your job well enough, some people will get involved with you.

If you do your job very well, a lot of people will join you.

How do you accomplish this?

You create valuable ad content aimed at solving your target market’s problems.

The first step then is figuring out what your audience’s problems may be and show them the solution for this problem.

For example, there are many people out there that hate their jobs and fantasize about doing something else…perhaps even owing their own business.


…they are afraid.

This fear is the “problem” for your prospect and it goes something like this…

I’m too old

I don’t have enough money

I can’t sell

I don’t know anything about the internet

I don’t know how to program

I don’t know about computers all that much

I don’t have time

You get the picture. Any one of these excuses will keep someone from moving forward.

Your job then is to make sure that you have an answer or a solution to these issues.

I really should say that you have a painless solution for these issues.

So, your ad, let’s just say a facebook ad, can go something like this

Quit Your Job

Easy system shows you how. No experience required.

generate income immediately, watch free video

As you can see, it’s not that difficult and this is something that we cover in much greater detail in our free training course.

I can go on and on, but really, learning these three steps is all you need to know to start earning money online.

Making things more complicated than they have to be isn’t the answer.

Take action,, keep it simple and be consistent.

THAT is the secret.


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