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Are You Running a Business?

Is your business a business or a hobby?

Yes, I know it is a cliche, but one that actually matters in the world of online business….especially a business you start “on the side.”

So many people have grand intentions when starting their Internet based businesses.

And there are many different business models to choose from.

Typically, the person “in business” doesn’t even pick their business, but rather join a program as a result of someone coming to them, or answering a cleverly designed ad.

No matter what, it would be best to look at your opportunity for what it is…an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to change your life completely, a way up, a bigger bank account, longer and more exotic vacations, a legacy to be passed down to your children.

It’s also an opportunity that can stay “on the side” and never blossom to become what it could be.

The main determining factor is not what you want, but rather how you proceed, what actions you take to make it become what it could be.

You can put an hour here or there into it and perhaps generate a few dollars.

Maybe invest a little bit from time to time in advertising.


You could go all in, spending the time and effort necessary to build your business to a six or seven figure income.

The choice is yours.

You Are Already Doing the Work

Here is something to ponder.

You have the same 24 hour day as the richest, most successful person you know.

In many cases, you have similar resources as the “self-made” millionaire across town when they first started.

The question is, are you putting your resources and your time to work for you or are you putting all of that into doing something in order that someone else can achieve their dreams and goals?

That can be a kick in the gut if you think too long about it, but it’s true, you are already doing what is necessary for success, but if you aren’t doing it for yourself then you are doing it for someone else.

Decide what you want, what your goals are, financially and otherwise.

Look at different business models and styles. Find what works best for you and the available time that you do have.

Need a mentor? Find one.

Find ways to cut costs in order to spend money on advertising and marketing your business.

And last, but not least, take action and do it every single day. Consistency is key here, but so is quality. Do not do something for the sake of doing something.

Strive to be productive rather than busy.

97% of the people that read this, if not more, will utterly fail. They will fail not because their business is a bad model or a scam, but rather because they refuse to work their business the way a successful endeavor requires.

Remember, you are your own boss and being your own boss comes with a lot of potential benefits, but it also starts with a lot of actual responsibilities.

You will wear a lot of hats, in most cases especially at first all of them, sales, marketing, customer service, etc.

Your business could go far, but only if YOU are pushing it. There isn’t anyone else out there that is going to.

In the end, you just have to decide what you want and decide if you want it enough.

If $100 a month is good for you then that’s what it is, but if you want something more, say that six or seven-figure income then you are going to have to do more, a lot more.

Maybe you just have to finally decide if your dreams are worth as much to you as they are to the person’s dreams and goals that you are working for.

If they are then you will have no problem finding a way.

If they aren’t then you can keep “playing” online business person and keep your hobby going.

The choice is yours.

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