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Abundance Network Review | Week 1

Abundance Network

Abundance Network Review – Just Starting Out

First off, let me start out this Abundance Network review by saying I think that it is great that there is actually a company out there using 21st century technology to promote a business

What I mean is this; until I saw the Abundance Network’s business model I do not believe I have seen one that specifically targets cell phone users…at least not for a money making opportunity platform.

Is this a good thing?

I’m not sure, but I’m game. I suspect that at first it may be a a tough sale, that is to get people to opt into a program with their cell phone rather than a more traditional method of an email capture page.

However, as I have stated, I love the fact that the Abundance Network is using this technology.

And so far….the results have been pretty good, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

The Abundance Network Model

So first, let me get this out of the way.

AN is new, brand new. I think they’ve been around for only a few months, but I like the concept.

Today, more than ever we are specifically creating websites and pages for cell phone users, so it only makes sense to target people with those phones.

Think about it?

Do you know anyone without a smart phone of some sort, much less a cell phone?

Of course not. Cell phone use is not going away anytime soon and most people are using their phone to surf the Internet as well.

It just makes sense to target people specifically on their smart device.

The business model is all about promoting an opportunity system through the cell networks.

The abundance network is even using SMS text messaging in place of a traditional email campaign.

This, I believe, is where it really gets awesome!

Who do you know that does not check their text messages?


…the messages are short, sweet and to the point.

I like it.

What do your Prospects have to do?

This is simple, you promote a phone number, and you can do this in a variety of ways from social media marketing, video marketing, solo advertising and more.

You have nothing to do after that point, but to confirm payment once someone has joined

There is one level so everyone opting in will choose that point, $150 dollars.

$100 goes to the referral marketer and $50 will go to the company.

At this point, the member is active, but there is a little more spending required.

You must purchase “usage credits” for the closing system, that’s the system that sends out pre-written text messages to those that opt-in.

Your initial investment with the company ending up around $160-$210.

This is quite an excellent price when you consider that you can replace that income and then some with just 2 referrals.

After that point, your costs depend on your own preferred marketing/advertising methods.

As stated above, every referral that you make will net you $100. Make 5 sales, earn $500.

Make 10 sales a week and net $1000.


Traffic Generation to the Abundance Network

OK, so this is a “new” way to generate income online…sort of…but how do you get those folks over to your phone number in the first place?

The management with AN is still finalizing some deals with marketing companies for a “all in one” package where you are generating traffic using a more hands off approach.

This is one of the issues that we face when dealing with start-ups and new companies; many of the components are not in place as they would be with a more seasoned program.

Driving traffic to your Abundance Network phone number then is a matter of a little hustle.

There are methods that I like and I can tell you that I primarily depend on solo advertisers to drive traffic to my sites.

With a phone subscription model there are some unknowns here for me. I just don’t have the data to figure out if I should just send people to a phone number or actually create an opt-in form of my own and then promote the number vigorously from there.

I’ll report back in a week and let you know what is working best for me with my solo ad campaigns.

Otherwise, using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are still great ways to promote and generate traffic as well as creating videos and video ads on YouTube.

If you are of the “free” advertising mindset then I would focus on contacting folks in business opportunity groups on Facebook.

If you already have a list…well, you know what to do!

AN is in it’s Infancy

The biggest problem that I have with this opportunity right now is that it is new.

Yes, being new can be a problem.

There are always bugs to work out of the system and it takes a tremendous amount of time, and often times money, to get through those rough times.

With that said, I believe there is a ton of possibilities here and the cost is low enough, with enough potential for big gains that I think the “risk” is worth it.

As always, I hardly ever believe your online success is dependent upon a business, but rather your own work ethic and skill set when it comes to promoting and marketing online.

If you are looking to improve your skills, make sure you check out our free training by clicking HERE!

We teach people how to start generating income online and we don’t charge a dime for it!

Summing it all up

My overall opinion of the Abundance Network is still forming, but for now I am pretty excited with the possibilities, but then again, I am not one to wait around for everyone else and when I see something with this kind of potential I will “go for it!”

I think that the Abundance Network will have some of those bugs to work out, but I also think that this program will be one of those that explodes!

My advice?

Get going NOW rather than later and start promoting a number.

For more information, call 1-863-733-8851 or go to: http://workwithmarkrandall.com

I’ll see you at the top!

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