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Work Your Plan | Podcast

In this podcast I discuss working your plan.

In the next few podcast in the series, I will be showing you how I develop my plan around the Instant Cash Solution program.

This is a simple, digital training program that pays between $100 to $500 dollars per customer.

I like the program, love the support and training so for me, this is a good one.

As I said, I will be developing the “plan” as I go and I invite you to follow along.

Hopefully, you’ll see that you too can do this and join me on the quest!

Enjoy the podcast by clicking below and I’ll see you at the top!


The Power of Association | Podcast

Power of Association

What is the power of association?

Basically, the group that you hang with is going to be the group with the most influence, so it might be a good idea to associate with those that are smarter and more successful than you are now!

And the good news is that this is something you can do right now…today!

In this podcast (and video) I discuss one of the most profound success principles out there.

I hope you enjoy.

If you want to see the video, go to: https://youtu.be/AS1mkxciYDM

I’ll see you at the top!


Don’t Ever Stop!

I’ve been away.


Because my damn laptop has not been working correctly, the internet has not been working correctly and as most of you know, I am still working in the “trenches” like many others.

Sounds like a bunch of excuses and perhaps they are, but…as always…I’m back.

The bottom line is I will never stop…I will never quit.

Why is this so important?

Because success…just about all success…takes time.

Time for you to create posts, articles for publishing, videos, podcasts….no matter what the content, it takes time to produce and promote.

Delayed Gratification is the awful Secret

If you are like many people out there, you struggle with patience.

Unfortunately, patience is exactly what you must employ if you are ever going to see the fruits of your labor pay off.

While you can sit back in your chair and say, “Of course,” it’s much more difficult to incorporate in your daily life.

Working out today will not produce any great results, to the contrary, it will only, in the short term, produce pain.

Your muscles will be sore, you will feel exhausted after a work out…of any sort, and you just won’t see the benefits that first week.


…if you stick with it, over time you will see tremendous benefits to your physical body as well as your mental state.

This is a universal truth when it comes to succeeding at ANYTHING.

Today I may call ten people that have left a phone number for me to call and I may not get a single person to join my business team.

It may happen again tomorrow and the next day and the next, but…

…over time I will become better with my pitch, I will continue to get better at targeting my audience and I will start to see my team grow.

As it grows, there will come a time when it begins to grow larger and larger and larger.

This is not magic, but rather the natural flow of business and marketing.

I am now promoting one of the better programs I have ever seen…and guess what…it’s starting to pay off.


Because I kept pushing…kept doing the little things and I never gave up…EVEN THOUGH I WANTED TO!

Giving Up Looks Good!

Make no mistake about it, when you have called 50 or 100 people and have been rejected by ALL of them, quitting looks good.

I mean, you aren’t making any headway, right?

You are wasting your time, right?


You are laying the foundation for success.

You are building a library of videos.

You are building a large collection of articles, podcasts…whatever…and all of these things are still out there eventually catching the attention of those looking.

Most importantly, YOU are getting better, YOU are becoming just a little bit more professional with each call.

If you have done your research correctly and found your target audience then those people looking should be looking for what it is that you are offering.

And when you factor in your content creation, your highly targeted audience and your improved pitch you will be rewarded.

But it all takes time.

The number one thing that I can tell you about any type of success…no matter what the niche, no matter what the industry is this:

Never, ever, ever quit

See you at the top!


Easy and Effective Advertising

easy and effective advertising

If you’ve been online for any amount of time, you know the dream.

With just a laptop and a good business opportunity, you can rid yourself of the daily grind and give the finger to your boss on the way to your new life!

The truth of the matter is, when you start your online business you realize very quickly that it isn’t quite as easy as your expectations (and hype!) pictured it to be.

As a matter of fact, there are many out there that are still wondering what this whole “auto-pilot” thing is all about.

So far, all they have seen is work and maybe have asked themselves, “Is this worth it?”

Easy and Quick

Just about every hyped up marketing campaign that I have ever run across includes the terms easy and quick in their marketing.


Because this is exactly what people want and you sell what people want, but give them what they need.

Yes, they want out of the rat race, but aren’t willing to do anything about it if there is even the slightest chance that they will have to leave their comfort zones!

Silly? Yes! As well as a fantasy, it is a business opportunity after all.

You still can exit your current position as an economic slave.

You can still design your life the way that you want.

You can still create a life of complete freedom, but it all comes at a price.

So what do those “gurus” do when it comes to finding targeted leads for their businesses?

You know, the types of prospects that actually buy something?

I’ll get to that in a minute, but first let me throw something out there to make you think a bit.

Paid Advertising vs. Free Advertising

People are still under the impression that all that is really necessary for any type of online success resides within the world of social media.

Do not get me wrong here, social media has been a very effective way to generate targeted traffic, but it has changed quite a bit from the “golden days” of adding to your biz op to your news feed on Facebook.

Today, more than ever, there is a tremendous amount of competition and please…

…don’t let Facebook or any other large social media site know that you are actually promoting a work from home program/opportunity.

You see, most of these platforms, and I’m talking Facebook, Google, etc. are not the least bit interested in Sally Sue generating the leads she needs for her new MLM.

As a matter of fact, many business models are actually banned from the ad platforms of these organizations.

Yes, there are ways around them, but this requires a bit higher marketing skill level than just about any, if not all, newbie marketers possess.

Learning to negotiate your way around the advertising guidelines and terms of service on these Internet giants takes a bit of research and experience.

Is it possible?

Sure, but the most likely scenario for most online marketers is that they will spend lot of money with these companies for very little return.

Can you get training?

Yes, you can, but it will cost quite a bit for you to attend the training of a truly successful advertising specialist.

And then there is the other side of the equation as well….you need to test your sales funnel again and again until it is converting high enough for you to make a profit.

I did mention “free’ advertising above, but there is a problem with that as well.

Basically, the freer something is, the more sweat you have to put into your marketing efforts.

Translation: It takes a ton of work to effectively advertise for free.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not here to simply create another job for myself.

I want the dream! I want the “auto-pilot,” sipping on my exotic cocktail with my toes in the sand of my Internet dream.

And let’s not forget about the new algorithms that Facebook and others use.

While you may have 1,000 people that “follow” you, unless you are extraordinarily active your not really making much headway in your general feed, not when it comes to promoting something.

I would also expect that if you were truly interested in actually trading your lifestyle for something better then you would probably want to do what the “big boys” do in terms of promoting your opportunity.

Guess what?

These folks do not do a lot of “free” marketing techniques.


Because paid advertising is exceptionally faster is more scalable.

These men and women want results, they want them quickly and with the least amount of effort as possible…and they are willing to pay for it.

Yes, Paid Advertising is the Way to Go

So let’s just say that paid advertising is the best, quickest and most effective path.

What type of paid advertising are you going to commit to?

Text ads? Solo ads? Banner ads? Direct mail? Magazine ads?

Depending on your budget, you are probably going to stick with something a little bit conservative.

And, for the most part, the big boys do as well…at least until they find a method that works well…then it is time to scale!

While most of the aforementioned advertising options are utilized by seasoned marketers, as a newbie you must be effective very quickly.

You also must be profitable relatively quickly also.

Oh…and you don’t have a lot of time, you are still working that 9 to 5!

So what’s the answer?

In my opinion, all of the advertising methods I mentioned work, but…

…some of these methods require a lot of testing and experience for them to become an advertising staple in your marketing efforts.

However, there is one method that anyone can do and the best thing is that it does not require much effort to implement.

Of course, I am talking about one of my favorite and most effective advertising methods…solo ads.

What’s the Deal with Solo Ads?

I love solo ads.

I hate solo ads.

Let me explain.

If you can find a good solo ad provider, using this ad method can be quite effective and profitable.

When you find the right solo ad provider, it’s absolutely magical and finding great prospects is a breeze!

You will have higher opt-in rates and higher conversions with minimal work.

The downside?

In a sea of solo ad providers, it can take a while to find a good one.

The good news?

I found a few really good providers…and…

…I also found a GREAT ONE!!!

No, I’m not going to let you in on this secret traffic generation Godzilla, that source is reserved for those that are willing to commit to my team.

Does that suck for you?

I don’t know. Commit and find out by clicking HERE

For the rest of you…

…well, the material above doesn’t matter at all if you aren’t going to sign up and do something.

Do you have to do it with me?

Of course, not.

But find something…anything and commit to it!

Take action and start the process of changing your life.

At least you will know how to generate those leads…easily and effectively.

See you at the top!


Internet Marketing Success

internet marketing success

What Internet Marketers Really do to Find Success Online

What do seasoned marketers do to find success online seemingly with very little trouble?

There is not a simple answer to this question as there are many things that marketers do to find success with the programs they promote.

Above all Hard Work!

OK, I’ll admit…”hard work” is a bit much, but I do not want people to read the following and think that there’s not much to this Internet marketing stuff.

Yes, there can be much time put into running a successful campaign.

However, to be quite honest, once you learn the ropes so to speak then finding success seems to be more of a step-by-step process that we all follow to find similar success with just about any business opportunity out there.

3-Step Method

I continually talk about the 3-step success formula and there is a reason for it. (You can check out the ebook that I wrote by clicking HERE)

I talk about the 3-step formula for a simple reason.

First, these 3 steps are really the basics of just about ALL online promotions.

It does not matter if you are selling a product, service or promoting a business opportunity, the steps are the same.

Step 1 – Finding a product, service or opportunity to promote.

Step 2 – Setting up a sales system

Step 3 – Driving Targeted traffic to your sales system

Of course, there is the follow-up and I didn’t include that in a 4th step because…well…to be honest, 4 steps just didn’t sound as cool.

And that is one of the skills that you will need to pick up on…image and a bit of human psychology, but I digress.

Obviously, following up with those prospects that come to your website and opt-in is something that you will need to do to find your own Internet Marketing success.

I promise I’ll dedicate a post or podcast to the follow-up.

With that said, it is also equally obvious that there is a tad more to the story of finding online success.


…the skills that you need to attain will be based on the 3-steps as outlined above.

The key here is that you do not have to do this on your own. You do not have to discover anything. You don’t even have to be original in any way…

…at least as far as the necessity of using the 3 step formula.

Let’s get into why these 3 steps work and put them in action so that you can see for yourself.

Step 1 – Finding a Product, Service or Opportunity to Promote

Of course, you will need something to promote.

For the purposes of this blog post, I am going to stick with a business opportunity.

I have nothing against a service or a product, but since I specialize in opportunities, I feel that it is more appropriate to talk about the work from home industry, which is where I typically reside.

If you are looking for a tangible, physical product there are tons of marketers online that will show you how to do this better than I can.

I’ve made money with e-commerce, but found that it was too much like a job and I am more into using the Internet to escape the rat race and find freedom.

With that said, I will use the current program I am promoting, the Instant Cash Solution or ICS for short.

First of all, how did I end up joining this program and why did I join at the highest level?

For starters, I absolutely LOVE the way this program is set up.

I like “big ticket” programs that promote digital products immensely.

In my opinion, there are very few programs that can generate the kind of life-changing income a big ticket program of this type can.

ICS is set up very much like a typical big ticket program I would be or may be involved with, but without the high “big ticket” cost.

The reason this works so well for me is because once I train someone on my team to generate income on demand with ICS, it is very simple for me to promote a program with a much higher entry requirement.

After all, the person I am now marketing my big ticket program to has actually made money with a very similar, almost identical, program via Instant Cash Solution.

It stands to reason that if you can successfully promote ICS, you should be able to do the same with a program with a higher entry price and, of course, a much higher return in profit.

Why join at the highest level?

Simple, I want to maximize my income and this is the best way to do so with this sort of business model.

I also like ICS because the products are very good and the training is excellent.

If you would like to check out our training call, simply go to http://icstraining.info, register and listen in.

So now that I know what I want to promote, otherwise known as Step 1, it is time to move onto Step 2.

Step 2 – Set up a Sales System

Now that we have a program to support, and remember, this can be a program like ICS or a product or service, we must set up our sales system.

A sales system is pretty much what it sounds like, a system set up in order to convert a prospect into a team member and/or client.

We do this very simply.

In Step 3, we will drive traffic to our sales system or sales funnel.

This funnel is comprised of a capture page, where we capture an email address, name and possibly a phone number, and a sales page.

We can also put up other pages that allows access to more information for a prospect looking for more information such as a FAQ page or a page dedicated to our compensation plan.

The sales page should ALWAYS be full of testimonials and these testimonials should be legitimate.

Do not let the FTC find out that you are “faking” your testimonial page(s), they will come after you for those sort of shenanigans and rightly so!

The pages inside your sales funnel are designed to sell your prospect on the product, service or opportunity.

What you really want to do here is provide information that your potential client needs in order to make an informed decision to either get more information from you or go ahead and join you.

When done right, a good sales funnel will answer just about all, if not all, of your prospects questions and will allow your prospect to make a decision to buy or get involved.

This can take some tinkering and testing, but once you find the right combination the magic begins to happen…

…people sign up and you get paid!

Step 3 – Traffic Generation

Internet marketing success, ALL internet marketing success, depends on traffic.

But not just any traffic, we want highly targeted prospects coming to our site.

And the better your targeting is, the easier it will be to convert that traffic into buyers and team members.

So how is this done?

There are a variety of ways and I will not go into all of them now, but I personally spend a lot of time training people to find the best sources and methods for generating a ton of targeted traffic to their offers.

If you are interested in this training, please feel free to email me at mark@elitemarketingsystems.org and I will do all that I can do to help you learn what this laptop life is all about!

Is there a Step 4 for Internet Marketing Success?

As I stated above, I could have easily have put a step 4 in my formula, but chose not to primarily because the follow-up should be a given.

What’s not clear to me is why it seems to be so difficult for people to pick up the phone or write a quick email to people that are actually interested in joining their program.

I understand that people are a bit shy when it comes to a hard sell, but if you create your sales system properly, you shouldn’t have to “sell” anything.

As a matter of fact, I do NOT sell people my programs.

What I do however, is contact my prospects and ask them if they need more information or any help.

For example:

I may phone up a recent prospect and ask them if there is anything that I can help them with.

The call usually goes like this…

(prospect): Hello?

(me) Hello, my name is Mark and you recently visited my site regarding the Instant Cash Solution and I was wondering how I could help you.

(prospect): (99% of the time) Oh I was just looking.

(me): I get it. Did you get most of your questions answered?

(prospect): (also 99% of the time) Oh yes, I did.

(me): Great! Look we don’t sell anything here and I’m not interested in selling you anything, just wanted to make sure you got the info. Are you looking to supplement your current income or are you looking to quit your job?

(prospect): (It doesn’t matter what they say)

(me): Sounds good. I used to be in your shoes, but I decided I’d had enough of the rat race and am really glad I made that decision to leave! Like I told you, we don’t sell people here. I don’t do that because if I have to sell someone on this thing then I’m probably going to have to sell them later on. I show people exactly what to do to make money online and I just don’t have the time to mess with the tire kickers. Look, we have a free training Tuesday night, you may want to check it out so what I’m going to do is send you an email with the call information, would that be alright?

(prospect): Sure.

(me) Great! I’ll also have some other links in there so you can check out some training videos and see just how easy this thing really is. I don’t know about you, but I get really put off by a lot of hype, I’d rather just show you what we have and let you decide what’s best for you. Most of that hype non sense is just a way to get to your wallet anyway, know what I mean?

(prospect): Yes, I do.

(me): Good. Like I said, I’ll send that email over to you after I get off of the call. I’ll call in a couple of days and we can really talk about this in detail. I want to make it clear that I’m never going to push you to try and do something you may not be ready for. If you want this, you will have to say so. You can also text me or send an email with any questions that you may have. By the way, this isn’t a get rich quick program, like the hype those are usually just lies, but we have a system and if you follow it, you can actually make some really good money and get some excellent training. Does that sound fair?

(prospect): Yes it does.

(me): Great! Do you have any questions for me right now?

(prospect): (Sometimes they are ready to talk, sometimes they just answer with a quick no, but ALWAYS ask that question)

(me) Good. It was nice to talk with you, make sure to let me know if there is anyway I can help you out with a question or whatever. Have a great night, morning, afternoon and I’ll speak with you soon.

Now, in all seriousness, does it sound like I’m hard selling?

No and I seriously do not want to. I know others do, but I do not because I am serious about my time when it comes to training people and I am NOT interested in tire kickers or people that will not commit.

What I am interested in at this point is starting the process of relationship building.

I want my prospect to know that I am here to help them, to be the solution to their challenges, to their problems.

In a nutshell, I am there to serve them.

Rinse and Repeat

By now, you should have an idea of what marketers do to generate an income online.

It’s not all that hard, but there are some skills you will need to develop.

And yes, this works.

Basically, if you follow all of the steps above, you WILL find internet marketing success.

It will not come overnight, but it will come and when you have hundreds of prospects to speak with, you will no longer strive to get that one person “in your business.”

You will just move onto the next person that expressed interest in your program.

The main way that you will not find that success is by never taking action or quitting.

But why would you quit on your dream?

See you at the top!


Online Opportunity Success Process| Podcast

No matter what the online opportunity is, people always want to know one thing…

…will this work for me?

My answer is always the same.

ANY program will work, but you have to work the program.

In this podcast I discuss the methods that I use to find success with any program.

That’s right, the business model generally does not matter much, but the marketing and promotional methods always do.

You have to learn how to promote with a sales funnel, how to drive traffic and how to follow up.

Most of all, you have to get started!

I hope you enjoy the podcast, the links for the business opportunities that I am currently promoting are below.

See you at the top!

All in one Profits (click the banner)

Instant Cash Solution (click the banner)


Haters are Going to Hate | Podcast

Thinking about starting an online business…joining an online business opportunity?

Get ready!

“For what,” you may ask.


Yes, those leeches out there in cyberspace that “bravely” criticizing your advertising, posting, videos, etc. etc.

These people drive me nuts!

I do not know what their real motivation is, but I assure you that when you start a business, just about any business, you will come across your detractors.

For some reason, there is just an element within our society that have nothing better to do than sit around and spew out negative venom from the comfort of their computer screens.

Listen, anytime you decide to stand away from the crowd, there will ALWAYS be some loser that is going to go out of his or her way to try to tear you down.

Not sure what the motivation is…and I don’t really care. These folks are not worthy of my time or any energy.

You, on the other hand, are.

Do Not Quit!

No matter what happens, stick to your guns and follow your dreams.

Yes, there are people out there that will become a pain in the neck, but the best thing you can do is refuse to focus on the negativity and hang with other folks that have a dream, that have goals.

These are the men and women you will want to follow and take advice from.

I hope you enjoy today’s podcast.

See you at the top!


Do You Have a Plan for Success? | Podcast

Should you have a plan for success or not?

The answer?


Look, you don’t have to create a huge, all exposing business plan, but more like a guide to help you keep on track towards your goals.

There are a few steps, but the first needs to be you figuring out what it is that you want.

Money and financial freedom?

Sounds good to me.

I hope that you spend your time looking for what it is that you want.

In this podcast episode, I discuss some of the reasons, why.

If you like this podcast, make sure to subscribe to the feed, or at least, check our site out.

I’ll see you at the top!


What type of person are you?

Do you focus on what it is that you want and take action to make it happen or are you too busy sitting around complaining about your life?

By the way, you created the life you are living right now by making certain choices.

Are you still making those bad choices?

Are doing the same thing you did a year ago and expecting things to change?

Probably not going to happen that way.

What you will have to do is change your mindset and start taking steps…even tiny, baby steps…to start down the path of your dream life.

What happens if you fail?

You get up, dust yourself off and start down the path again.

STOP complaining about your life.

START doing something about it!

Hope you enjoy this podcast.

If you don’t like it, don’t complain to me about it.

If you want to take a look at one of the better programs out there to free yourself from the chains of economic slavery, click the image below!


Do What it Takes!|Podcast

Are you successful?

Do you want to quit that job, stay at home with your kids or just at least feel like you are in control of your own future?

Are you willing to do what it takes?

If you are looking for an opportunity, make sure you check this one out!

Are you worried that if you get involved in yet another business opportunity that you friends and family are going to laugh?

Let them! Who cares?

Successful people do not care about what others think in regards to their pursuit of happiness and success.

Why would they?

Most people do not have what it takes to find success.

Well, actually, most people HAVE what it takes, it’s just that so few people take any action to find success.

Are you one of them?

Are you a tire kicket?

In this podcast, I discuss some of the reasons that you can find success online or anywhere.

See you at the top!